Welcome to Home Page of Organization of The Workers of Afghanistan(M-L-M,principally Maoist)

First Workers state in the world

Commune of Paris, 1871

 زنده باد صدر گونزالو-بزرگترين مفسر ماركسيسم-لنينيسم-مائوئيسم در جهان

Long Life Chairman Gonzalo the Greatest living Marxist-

Leninist-Maoist in globe!

Welcome to  The Organization of the Workers of Afghanistan

 (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist,Principally Maoist)

official Site

We have established  this website in accordance to the need of the world proletarian movement for availablity of  our documnet both in Persian and  English languages.  Our original Language Site is: www.proletar.blogfa.com. That is the Official Website of Our organizatin in Persian Language. For those whom understand persian, it is better to see that pages. they contain more documents and a systematic internet updates since six years ago. However that webpage is not being updated anymore, and afterwards, this website, replaces it, and continues its work and respobsiblities, as official website of the our organization. This site contains materials in Farsi and English. previously, we published our Farsi materials mainly in www.proletar.blogfa.com, and were publishing most of our materials in English in this website, but, afterwards, both Farsi and English materials of us, will be published only in this website. So, no new materials will be added in Proletar’s webpage any more.

Email US: chap_af@yahoo.com

سازمان کارگران افغانستان(مارکسیست-لنینیست-مائوئیست،عمدتا مائوئیست

در مائوئيسم، انقلاب فرهنگی كبير پرولتاريائی موضوعی اساسی است. اگر ما مائوئيسم را بعنوان مرحله جديد، سومين و عاليترين مرحله بطور همه جانبه درك نكنيم هيچ چيز را نفهميده ايم.

بهمين سادگي. زيرا همانگونه كه خيلی خوب ميدانيم، امروز ماركسيست بودن بمعنای ماركسيست ـ لنينيست ـ مائوئيست، عمدتا مائوئيست بودن است

“صدر گونزالو”

به صفحه سازمان کارگران افغانستان (مارکسیست-لنینیست-مائوئیست،عمدتا مائوئیست) خوش آمدید


گزيده ها 

نه با طالبان نه با رژيم پوشالي! دوشادوش توده

 هاي آزاديخواه ولايات شرقي

نه با طالبان نه با رژیم پوشالی! دوشادوش توده های آزادیخواه ولایت غزنی

مرده باد عاملين حملات انتحاري اخير در ولايت قندهار   

حزب كمونيست(مائوئيست) افغانستان و سراب “همسويي” با طالبان 

We congratulate the formation of Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh.

Comrade Seraj Sekdir, as founder of Proletarian Party of East Bagal, was a great Marxist-Leninist-Maoist.

His line, is the revolutionary line of Maoists in Banladish. Indeed, Seraj sekdir Thought, is the application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in concrete condition of Bangladish. After martyrdom of comrade Seraj Sekdir, especially with Anwar Kabir’s leadership, the party underwent revisionist path, and a degenerated party, mostly dominated by revisionist trends, especially that of Anwar Kabir’s revisionist line, remained only  in  name. Fortunately, revolutionary Maoists, especially, young cadres of Bagladeshi comrades, started great attempts to uphold a revolutionary line based in Maoism, and to dismiss revisionist and degenerated trends. Revolutionary Maoists, formed PBSP(Maoist Unity Group) in 2004. They tried to reconstruct that party basing it in Maoism. They started to uphold Maoism and smashed revisionist line of Anwar Kabir and other opportunist trends. PBSP, as a result of revisionism leading it, had already fractured into many factions, mostly antagonistically denouncing and fighting each other. Comrades of Maoist Unity Group wanted an end to diversities and antagonist rivalries among Maoists in Bangladesh. So, they called for unity of Maoists. Misfortunately the party which had already degenerated and had broken into fractions, was not the one being capable to be rebuilt. So, PBSP(MUG)Bangladesh, found the initiative of uniting revolutionary Maoists for building a new party, a party of  a new type, based in Maosm. Fortunately, the most sincere comrades, and the real combatants, those who really upheld Maoism, got to gether and joined each other, and promoted MUG into a new, and powerful organization, advancing their attempts towards  building Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh.

Our organization(Organization of the workers of Afghanistan) has had comradely  and friendly contacts with revolutionary Maoists of Bangladesh. There has been Maoist internationalist friendship between our organization and MUG. This time, we congratulate Bangladishi comrades, and cherish them of their new great advance in making a strong organization, the new party, a party of a new type, based in Maoism. We sure are, as the new program of the party shows and provens, our Bangladishi comrades will continue upholding, defending and applying Maoism, and defending chairman Gonzalo’s contributions to proletarian ideology. Our organization will continue its internationalist relation with new party, and announces its solidarity with Bangladishi comrades. We hope our Bangladishi comrades will advance more than it, being capable to continue igniting  the flames of People’s war in Bangladish more than ever.

Here we publish their Declaration And Program of Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh which was first published in May Day  2012 by them. We hope this document will serve for world proletarian revolution, and will serve as a combat weapon for those whom want to study Maoist formulation of those  revolutionary comrades, in order to defend and apply Maoism and to crash revisionism.

 please open the following file to get the COMMUNIST PARTY








 long life the 32th Anniversary of people’s war in Peru  

No bullshit reforms in Spain! Revolution is the only Solution!


 سازمان كارگران افغانستان

Resolution No.2

1st Resolution passed by the Special Meeting of the Marxist-

Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations of the Revolutionary


Internationalist Movement – May First 2012


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