Our comrades from Bangladish, PBSP(MUG) have sent us the second issue of their offiial organ publication, The LAL  TARA (Red Star). We are very thanksful to them.

LAL TARA is published in Banali Language. They also have published our Letter To Them in this issu. Our Bengali comrades has said red greetings to comrades of our organization. Comrade P.Setiz, on behalf of our organization sent them thanks letter for their publication post, and also presented them our best regards and best wishes. PBSP (MUG) is an anti-revisionist Maoist organization which fights for communism, and is active in order to unify the maoist forces of Bangladish. Its firm and principal stands makes it one of the few anti revisionist Maoist organization of the world which defends firmly from Chairman Gonzalo’s shining political line.

We wish them good health and success in all parts of their revolutionary life.

The editorial of their  publication is in English. Hereby, we post it for readers:



Editorial of Lal Tara issue No 2

Lal Tara is mainly collection of our published documents and articles.
This is the second and last issue.
The reactionary Bangladesh government has finished money of the capitalist state bank of Bangladesh. Maximum inflation and devaluation of Taka has been made. Maximum price hike of daily goods, multiple increase of price of oil, gas and electricity made life of common people difficult. Peasants got minimum price of agricultural products. As price of fertilizer is high and because of repeated price hike of electricity and oil, they are less able to carry irrigation. Even many of the middle peasants want to mortgage their lands in exchange of a few money. But very few people in rural area have that much money. Those who have money, live in cities. By sustaining semi-feudalism in rural areas, bureaucratic bourgeoisie has built a structure of semi feudal semi colonial society with bureaucratic capitalism in its center. Workers have no real minimum wage. The wage they have by working severely hard labor in factory imprisonment that is not even one third of
real family expenditure. Many of the middle class people are committing suicide by being bankrupt at the disastrous fall of share market. But exploitation and plunder by the imperialist collaborator bourgeoisie doesn’t stop at this situation, rather increasing. Their capital is multiplying. The government ministers’ corruption is exposed now. By stealing the initial money of Padma Bridge project, they embarrassed imperialists too. Now, Hasina is attempting for last survival (in this project) by proposing US representative Yunus as World Bank Chief. Government carried its collaborator duty by letting India infiltrate in Bangladesh by giving her corridor in the name of transit. In exchange, Bangladesh didn’t get water for Tista river. Rivers are being destroyed. Environment is being collapsed. As part of handing over oil and gas mines to imperialist companies, government embraced Russian imperialist company Gazprom. US, Europe, China, Japan, Saudi
Arabia, India and Russia are the imperialist and expansionist forces who are exploiting us. The agreement to build atomic power plant with Russia is nothing but conspiracy to destroy environment.
Lots of students and masses of people have been murdered, injured and crippled by RAB and Police “crossfire” and beating.
Lots of masses of people including children have been murdered, injured and crippled by BSF (Border Security Force of India) crossfire and beating.
The Arab nations and people have risen up. But by taking this opportunity, US and its European colleagues have invaded Libya.  After Iraq and Afghanistan, they have expanded their claw to Syria and Iran. Already they have infiltrated in Pakistan, disturbed the life of people there and are killing a lot of people including children and women in drone attack.
Contradiction is sharpening between on the one hand US led imperialists and on the other China and Russian led imperialists.
People’s wars are developing in India, Peru and Philippines by crossing various difficulties.
It is very significant that with a future aim of building a Maoist international center we along with Maoist parties of Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Panama, France, Spain and Arab have expressed our strong position against revisionism and centrism.
The responsibility Maoist Unity Group took to carry reconstruction in communist movement in our country has been fulfilled one way or another. Preliminary works have been done in different regions. Apart from reconstruction of different mass organizations, new mass organization has been created. These are preliminary works based upon which new party organization will develop what will conceive 21st century reality and developed MLM, what of course will be a succession of Chairman Siraj Sikder and Proletarian Party of East Bengal, but will completely abandon wrong succession of the middle period.
Today, this is the time to newly construct everything, of course, with a higher basis!

26 February 2012


■ Editorial
■ Statement of PBSP (MUG) condemning the murder of Com. Azad and Com. Hem Pandey by the Indian state
■ PBSP MUG Article: More than a thousand Bangladeshi people have been killed by the Indian Border security force in the last ten years
■  PBSP MUG Article: Examples of Fascism
■ PBSP MUG Statement: ‘Salute to the People’s Resistance in Rupganj against the Army!’
■ Pave the way for a new coordination for the Maoist parties and organizations of South Asia! – Joint declaration of PBSP MUG Bangladesh and KCP Manipur:
■ NCCOMPOSA Statement on the 36th anniversary of martyrdom of Comrade Siraj Sikder
■ Hate the Saudi Barbarian Fascists! Resist them! 
PBSP MUG Statement Condemning the Open Brutal Beheading Murder of 8 Bangladeshi Workers by the Reactionary Fascist Saudi Barbarian Sate
■ Two Letters of PBSP MUG to Maoist Road Magazine
■ Let’s face climate change ! – joint declaration of CPMLM France and PBSP MUG Bangladesh
■ “One day a free India will appear in the world!” – Joint statement of CPMLM France and PBSP MUG on India
■ [PBSP MUG Article]: Comrade Charu Mazumder Said: Hate, stamp and smash centrism!
■ Letter of Organization of the Workers of Afghanistan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist) to Proletarian Party of East Bengal (Maoist Unity Group) [Bangladesh]





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