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The high capacity global capitalism manifests itself in the phenomenon of overproduction. Large numbers of houses, buildings, cars, clothes, produced in vast quantities irrationally, by the necessity of hoarding fought sales in market shares, we are left with a deflationary crisis, where prices are falling and capital are both immobilized as you can not output a commodity, its consumption level has fallen to the reduction of solvent demand.


You can not be a fool and confuse the value of goods and their price. Thus the current loss of many companies of different branches correspond to the huge gains in the period of “boom”. During this period, squeezed the maximum hard worker workforce and entrepreneurs, bankers, landlords, speculators and rentiers, they divided profits that still remain and enjoy. Now, in times of low productivity, again the crisis, the settings, efforts, again relapse into a proletariat, which has been amply able to produce their livelihoods, but that is stripped from them.


What is true in capitalist production, which is not to tell or influence, is that the worker does not decide or it is produced, or the like, nor where, nor why, nor does it have to do with the distribution of the goods.


Capitalism is chronic crisis. The grand master of the proletariat, K. Marx had already identified this fact in his monumental scientific studies that would result in the Capital, making this the work of critical political economy more important this time.


During the economic boom of the period 1995-2007, capital gains realized by the burghers were fired before the price increase and at this bargain no bourgeois want to miss the opportunity to earn good money through the exploitation of workers. Consequence of this is about 6 million empty houses that are in theSpanishState, while the specter of eviction visits the homes of workers, of which over 5 million are unemployed.


We have worked hard for next to nothing, we have produced vast amounts of surplus value, and now claims that the crisis of overproduction is maintained that level of exploitation. Thus wages are lowered or frozen, it is intended that one does the job of two, lengthens retirement age and contribution to the state system of social security, medical services are administered worse and worse drugs.


In response, union freed apparatus serving the bourgeoisie and supported by the communist parliamentarian, who go to their rear, they propose on behalf of our class national reconciliation, peace and dialogue among social classes, whose only result has been the gradual loss of labor rights by the working class since the last conquests Economists given at the time of Franco employers from Moncloa Pacts.


Imperialism appropriates the profits and socializing misery. The productive forces are already at a level that far exceeds the current form of production relations. Overproduction is not distributed, they prefer to destroy it, rather than products of human work, such as housing deterioration uninhabitable by that release them, capitalism starves while destroying prefer foods that do not prove to be very competitive in the market … This is normal capitalism works well and has worked and will work the same way as it is based on market competition, wage labor and surplus value, which must maintain its rate.


At this point we must be clear that capitalism supported by the state and its political leadership, not give rise to false hopes. The situation for thousands of families of workers in the city and country, can not be changed under false illusions that show capitalism as a system capable of solving their problems. Only socialist revolution can at present offer a real hope to the proletariat of all countries.


The proletariat is in need of objectively revolutionary way to get rid of this whole system that oppresses him, so you have to prepare for it. Workers need to be aware that all members of a class that handles the same interests, fundamentally at odds with the interests of their exploiters. These interests must be taken irreconcialibles his best, with the employer can not be reconciliation and peace, for reconciliation with them means defeat and in fact our bourgeois peace is the way to easily maintain order while practicing exploitation. The peace of the bourgeoisie is threatened just as private property, goodwill and privileges of the ruling classes. The rebellion is justified and this points to the revolutionary path.


revolution or resignation to the domination of capital, bourgeois rights or labor rights, that is the question.


Workers in the SpanishState, fight, have major battles against the bourgeoisie in economic protest mode, spontaneous and even political reform, because the struggle of workers is also political. Rare is the geographical area where no major develop just struggles of the people. These range from purely trade union, to policy: EREs, unemployment, defaults, against labor reforms, evictions, contrary to prison policy, to health, education, certain democratic rights, against the church, against fascist groups and gangs, against unemployment … These struggles indicate that the class struggle is alive, that the Spanish government workers respond to the ongoing aggression. But this form of class struggle also shows the weakness of the workers in struggle, lacking a crucial and decisive way that results in root reap the reason for their eternal struggle with no real qualitative leap.


Referring to the experience of the revolutionary working class struggle, not the accumulation of class struggles of the spontaneous character of the solution us, but the quality of a struggle with a clear and consistent political leadership that is able to combine efforts pursuit of organized response to a real class.


Daring to stop them is decisive and the organized working class with a certain revolutionary strategy can.

Class consciousness of the need for a revolutionary way. Today as yesterday and to bury capitalism, discard illusions Power Save’s all illusion!


Capitalism still rotten as this does not commit suicide to kill him and bury him there, not to survive all operations submit.


The point is not given the economic struggle, it is the struggle of the workers of the company where I work, is not the struggle of the unemployed, the homeless, slum dwellers and homeless, migrant workers, the association of neighbors in my neighborhood or a commonwealth of villages or rural towns, it is important to understand that these struggles are carried out by the results of multiple class contradictions that arise in different aspects of society and therefore it is crucial destruction of the political-economic power engendered by these contradictions and class work. All the struggles mentioned are fair, legitimate, are a true reflection of class conflict and the potential ability to fight this, but its features do not solve the problem, but rather maintains it.


Do not be afraid to destroy the old productive relations, political and cultural, because we build new ones.




MARCH 2012





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