Glory To March 8th, International Women’s Day


Organization of the Workers of Afghanistan congratulates the glorious day of March8th, to all oppressed women of the world, and especially to oppressed women of our country whom are suffering fro ills of Islamic fundamentalist extremism of Taliban and the puppet regime.

Only proletarian feminism can lead the oppressed women of our country toward victory and liberation. So, only Marxism-Leninism-Maois,principally Maoism is the key to the issue of the women’s Liberation.

To  All opressed women of Afghanistan,

 Let us unite with your working brothers,and raise the banner of New Democratic Revolution. Let us start prepartion for armed struggle in order to establish base areas, and then we will be able to establish the new power and the new life, an new life which brings liberation and prosperity to all women.

So, Let us uphold, defend and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism,principally Maoism!



                                    Long life shining day of 8th March

                                    Glory to all fighting women of proletarian feminism

                                          Down with all reactionaries

                                  Long life our glorious organization

                                               March 8, 2012



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