An Open letter to:
Dear Revolutionary Comrades,
Thank you for republishing our “Letter to Proletarian Party of East Bangladesh,Maoist Unity Group).
We thank you, because, it shows that: you too are serious in upholding,defending and spreading Marxist-Leninist-Maoist materials, especially those issues which directly target the revisionism and centrism and upholds Maoism prinicpally.
Dear Comrades,
In these days of “dominant” revisionist parties, which aim to tail the movement to Avakianism and Prachandism, it is necessary and too important to expose centrism and impose Maoism internationally, by upholding and defending chairman Gonzalo.
Why do we stand for Chairman Gonzalo’s Achievements?
Chairman Gonzalo, as we affirm, is Peoples’ war! He is the fourth sword of Communism, and the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist in the planet. He is the one who has formulated Maoism out of the context of the development of Marxism-Leninism by Chairman Mao-Tse-Tung. So, fighting for communism, and upholding Maoism necessiates upholding chairman Gonzalo. Upholding and defending chairman Gonzalo, is the best way to oppose centrism. It is the best weapon to hate,stamp and smash Avakianism and Prachandism. Let us uphold Maoism by learning from chairman Gonzalo. So, we have to repeat: uphold Chairman Gonzalo’s shining line and hate,stamp and smash revisionism!
uphold chairman Gonzalo’s shining line and defeat Avakianism! uphold chairman Gonzalo’s shining line and smash Prachandism!
To day, as yesterday, It is necessary to banner Maoism by studying chairman Gonzalo’s revolutionary achievements and contributions to Marxism. So, there is no revolutionary Maoist stand if denying Chairman Gonzalo’s shining way of formulating and upholding Maoism. Uphold Gonzalo and impose Maoism! This last sentence summarizes the importance of Chairman Gonzalo’s place in International Communist Movement. For a New and powerful Maoist Center, for a worldwide Maoist Organization of brother parties, chairman Gonzalo’s affirmtion will serve as a unity point. So, let us begin fighting for raising the red banner of Chairman Gonzalo’s great leadership in ICM. His great leadership serves for imposing Maoism internationally.
Dear Comrades,
Our organization seeks the opportunity to keep in contact with Maoist forces abroad. We think that: Only a strong and principalled unity among Maois forces may pave the way to a strong ICM, upholding a corret line. For an international leading body of Maoists, it is necessary to uphold Chairman Gonzalo. We think that: the hegemony of any party or organization, in the situation which we are now, has no thing to serve for International People’s war. To create a real Maois power in the planet, brings about the necessity of taking a correct line, rather than a hegemonist party leading the ICM. We still remember the sabotageous and destructive role of Avakianism in the deviationist line of RIM. So, we insist in Chairman Gonzalo’s shining thought, to be the international recognition of Current ICM. This is the key for creating a stong and victorious ICM. So, for getting nearer, and for ranking closer, Maoist parties and froces of the world, should get together around chairman Gonzalo’s ‘thought” leadership in ICM. This is the only way to defend and impose Maoism. This is the only way to crash, expose and smash revisionism.
Only Maoism, may serve for world proletarian revolution.! May Maoism impose the command of new great wave of world proletarian revolution!
Dear Comrades,
our organization asks you and other revolutionary Maoists of the world to bring efforts to create a new International Maoist Center (Like RIM, but principalled one, not RIM kind one). In the future Maoist center, we must take position for imposing Maoism, and to do so, we must emphasise in Chairman Gonzalo’s Great Leadership to be recognized by ICM. We must create a Maoist Center, which must recognize chairman Gonzalo’s achievements and contributions. The false and deviationist positions and “theories” of Avakianists, created a deformed”RIM”. We must create a new and healthy “RIM”, based on Maoism. To base it on Maoism, makes i necessary to uphold chairman Gonzalo. For all Maoists, upholding chairman Mao must be upholding chairman Gonzalo. This is true aslo to proclaim that: Upholding chairman Gonzalo means upholding chairman Mao. For revolutionary Marxist-Leninists, recognization of Leninism meant recognition of Stalin and his contributions to Leninism. Today, for revolutionary Communists (Maoists), recognition of Maoism, means recognition of Chairman Gonzalo, and his contributions to Maoism. Chairman Gonzalo is the greatest interpretor of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Chairman Gonzalo is “Joseph Stalin” of Maoism. Comrade Stalin upholded,defended and applied Leninism more than all people in the planet. Chairman Gonzalo upholded,defended and applied Maoism more than all people in the planet. so, Chairman Gonzalo’s position in Maoist world is the same of Comrade Stalin’s Position in Leninist world.
Dear Comrades,
Our comrades are waiting to read from you good news on taking efforts of discussing the issue of creating a new Maoist Center. We will side all other Maoists in taking effort to create a World Maoist Center.
                                           Maoist Regards,
                                 Organization of The workers of Afgahnistan
                             (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist,principally Maoist)

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