Lately, Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan has attacked the thesis of Great Leadership and has accused Communist Party of Peru, for creation of Great Leadership (Jefatura) “deviationist” thesis, after arrest of chairman Gonzalo.

We are not sure whether this comes from a lack of knowledge of this party in creating such a lie and accusation, or it comes from its opportunist stand and its denial of chairman Gonzalo’s contributions to Marxism! But, something that we are sure is:

Communist (Maoist) party of Afghanistan has always undermined chairman Gonzalo’s generated theories of concentric construction of three magic instruments of revolution, the theory of Militarization of Communist parties, Theory of Great Leadership, and briefly, the Gonzalo Thought. According to this party’s assumptions, as long as the evidence of this party’s documents show, Gonzalo Thought, is non-Maoist, and equals such deviations as Prachanda Path.

Let us have a look at this party’s recent attacks on Great Leadership and this party’s lies on creation of this thesis after chairman Gonzalo’s arrest:

Here we give you the links of this party’s document in Persian Language, in which this party has said lies and has stated that: It was PCP that has called Gonzalo the Great Leader(Jefaturi) after his arrest, and this kind of celebration  was not Marxist!(According to this party)

Now, let us read the English translation of the parts in which this party has attacked the PCP and the Chairman Gonzalo’s Great Leadership!

“ In latest years, this was Gonzalo(The chairman of PCP) who took position  against Great Leadership Game, but, this was the case in which, Communist Party of Peru, after that time, used the word”Jefaturi” to celebrate Chairman Gonzalo, as a great leader, who makes no mistakes. This is not true, and must not be followed by others.”

Communist (Maoist)Party of Afghanistan, condemns celebrating great leaders to be called great Leaders, because, according to this party’s assumption: such words about communist leaders, come from a religious source, and have fascist and religious backgrounds!

Communist (Maoist)party of Afghanistan, warns all communist not to use such words as Jefaturi and great leader for communist leaders like Gonzalo!

Organization of the  Workers of Afghanistan(Marxist-Leninist-Maoist,principally Maoist) condemns such non-Maoist stand of Communist(Maoist)Party of Afghanistan. We give you the following evidence that it was chairman Gonzalo himself that told:

   Here we must remember how Lenin saw the relationship between the masses, classes, the Party and leaders. We believe that the revolution, the Party, our class, generate leaders, a group of leaders. It has been like this in every revolution. If we think, for instance, about the October Revolution, we have Lenin, Stalin, Sverdlov and a few others, a small group. Similarly, in the Chinese revolution there’s also a small group of leaders: Chairman Mao Tsetung, and his comrades Kang Sheng, Chiang Ching, Chang Chun-chiao, among others. All revolutions are that way, including our own. We could not be an exception. Here it’s not true that there is an exception to every rule because what we’re talking about here is the operation of certain laws. All such processes have leaders, but they also have a leader who stands out above the rest or who leads the rest, in accordance with the conditions. Not all leaders can be viewed in exactly the same way. Marx is Marx, Lenin is Lenin, Chairman Mao is Chairman Mao. Each is unique, and no one is going to be just like them.

In our Party, revolution, and people’s war, the proletariat, by a combination of necessity and historical chance, has brought forth a group of leaders. In Engels’ view, it is necessity that generates leaders, and a top leader, but just who that is is determined by chance, by a set of specific conditions that come together at a particular place and time. In this way, in our case too, a Great Leadership [Jefatura] has been generated. This was first acknowledged in the Party at the Expanded National Conference of 1979. But this question involves another basic question that can’t be overlooked and needs to be emphasized: there is no Great Leadership [Jefatura] that does not base itself on a body of thought, no matter what its level of development may be. The reason that a certain person has come to speak as the Leader of the Party and the revolution, as the resolutions state, has to do with necessity and historical chance and, obviously, with Gonzalo Thought. None of us knows what the revolution and the Party will call on us to do, and when a specific task arises the only thing to do is assume the responsibility.

We have been acting in accordance with Lenin’s view, which is correct. The cult of personality is a revisionist formulation. Lenin had warned us of the problem of negating leadership just as he emphasized the need for our class, the Party and the revolution to promote our own leaders, and more than that, top leaders, and a Great Leadership [Jefatura]. There’s a difference here that is worth emphasizing. A leader is someone who occupies a certain position, whereas a top leader and Great Leadership [Jefatura], as we understand it, represent the acknowledgment of Party and revolutionary authority acquired and proven in the course of arduous struggle–those who in theory and practice have shown they are capable of leading and guiding us toward victory and the attainment of the ideals of our class.

Khrushchev raised the issue of the cult of personality to oppose comrade Stalin. But as we allknow, this was a pretext for attacking the dictatorship of the proletariat. Today, Gorbachev again raises the issue of the cult of personality, as did the Chinese revisionists Liu Shao-chi and Deng Xiaoping. It is therefore a revisionist thesis that in essence takes aim against the proletarian dictatorship and the Great Leadership [Jefatura] and Great Leaders of the revolutionary process in order to cut off its head. In our case it aims specifically at robbing the people’s war of its leadership. We do not yet have a dictatorship of the proletariat, but we do have a New Power that is developing in accordance with the norms of new democracy, the joint dictatorship of the workers, peasants and progressives. In our case they seek to rob this process of leadership, and the reactionaries and those who serve them know very well why they do this, because it is not easy to generate Great Leaders and Great Leadership. And a people’s war, like the one in this country, needs Great Leaders and a Great Leadership, someone who represents the revolution and heads it, and a group capable of leading it uncompromisingly. In sum, the cult of the personality is a sinister revisionist formulation which has nothing to do with our concept of revolutionary leaders, which conforms with Leninism.


Chairman Gonzalo in his famous and unique interview, has himself explained the thesis of Great Leadership and has denounced the non proletarian so called thesis of “Cult of Personality” and has stamped it as bourgeois thesis.

Now, Communist Maoist Party of Afghanistan, is saying lie that: The Jefature is creation of PCP, and not of Chairman Gonzalo. This party also says lie while it says that this theory was created after chairman  Gonzalo.

Besides, this party, while taking position against chairman Gonzalo’s theisis,(the thesis which we quoted in above quotation from chairman Gonzalo), in deed this party is falling in bourgeois position of denouncing the so called thesis of (cult of personality).

Our organization reaffirm it self in defending chairman Gonzalo, and imposing Maoism! We quote the following piece from MPP(the generated organization of the communist party of Peru for working abroad):

“The defense of chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo thought  has become the principal question for the people’s war and the world revolution!”

We reaffirm ourselves in what chairman Gonzalo said:

“struggle to the death against revisionism!”

Now, this attack vomit of communist (Maoist)party of Afghanistan, is a revisionist attack, that will be smashed by our organization. We denounce the lie and non proletarian assumption of that party about Great Leadership!

Communist (Maoist)party of Afghanistan, goes as far as it criticizes why have they used the term of Great Leader for celebration of Chairman Mao Tse Tung, in the documents of Nineth Congress of Communist Party of China, As it appears in Persian Translation!

As it is clear, those who attack directly or indirectly chairman Gonzalo, in deed they attack Chairman Mao, and the Maoism! The Communist (Maoist)party of Afghanistan, has extended its “critics” even to Chairman Mao Tse Tung, and warns not to use the phrase or the synonyms for Great Leader, even to chairman Mao!

Our organization, once again denounce this opportunist and fake position and declaration of that party!

Our organization today, as combat weapon of Afghanistan Maoists, defends the Great Leadership thesis which has been put forward by chairman Gonzalo, which in its turn comes from chairman Mao, and Comrade Lenin. Those who attack this theory, are attacking Marxism! We are for defending Marxism, and are against opportunists of pro Avakianist like communist Maoist party of Afghanistan. Centrist positions of this party, shows that: however this party “denounces” the “New Synthesis” of Avakian, but still has not broken from Avakianism and its negative aspects.

We call for all Marxist-Leninist-Maoists in defense of Chairman Gonzalo, and his contributions to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!


Long Life Marxism-Leninism-Maoism,principally Maoism

Down with opportunism and centrism!

Uphold,defend and apply Maoism, defending chairman Gonzalo and his all powerful thought!

Long life world proletarian revolution!

People’s war until communism!

Organization of the workers of Afghanistan(M-L-M)

May 2012


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